Recruiting Apartment Locator in Austin

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I’m expanding my team of apartment locators in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Cool Right? Check out what I’m looking for.

Job Title: Apartment Locator

The Work

You help people find apartments. That’s pretty much it.

What is the work like?

The work is fairly simple.

The core of what you’ll be doing is communicating with clients and touring apartments.

Gradually, you will be taking over my book of business so I can do important things like eat tacos and/or generate business for you in the background.

How is this different from other real estate/apartment locator agencies?

My role

Unlike most agencies/brokers, I’m a very aggressive marketer. I’m completely focused on generating new business for you rather than sitting back and taking your commission from deals you generate.


Because I primarily focus on apartment locating, my business process is totally systematized. With technology, processes, and assistants I’ve made things really really easy for you. This means you will only be doing important work instead of being bogged down by boring menial tasks.

Where as many people struggle to handle 5-10 clients at once, you’ll be able to confidently handle 20-30 clients at once.

Team Size

I’m recruiting a small team of 2-3 agents. I would rather have a few agents have a ton of business rather than a ton of agents barely getting by. Because of this, I will be very selective with who I recruit.


Most agencies will take a large chunk of your commission even for business you generate on your own. I don’t like this. Commission will be structured so you keep most of the commission for business you generate, and a fair split for business I send you.

Who is this job perfect for?


  • People with awesome personalities. Seriously, this is the most important thing. If you’re the good kind of weird, even better. 
  • You love Austin and love showing people around. Many of my clients are moving from out of town. You will often function as their tour guide. I need to be beyond confident that when I send them to you, they will be taken care of in the highest possible way. 
  • People in the hospitality industry who are skilled at working with a lot of people while providing awesome service. The pay can be way better too, and you won’t be getting yelled at which is cool. 
  • Apartment locators who are tired of brokers who take huge commissions from leads they don’t generate. 
    • Note: If you’re already an apartment locator you will need to adopt my systems. I understand this may be a problem if you’re planning on sticking to the normal way you operate. If you can’t see yourself adopting a totally new process then this won’t work. 
  • Real Estate Agents who want to diversify their business. 
  • Somebody who wants a more flexible schedule. As long as you can take care of clients in a timely manner, you can work whenever you want. 
  • People who hate offices. I hate stuffy offices, so I don’t have one. Work under an overpass? A rock climbing gym? A ramen shop? Have at it. 
  • Part time? Sure! 
    • I’m totally into the whole multiple-streams-of-income-side-hustle thing. So if you’re some cool artist person with your own side projects this would be a very time efficient way of making money. 
  • You tell me! If you think you’re a good fit, convince me. 
  • You live close to the Central Austin. Most of my clients are looking for apartments in the urban core areas, so if you live far away in the suburbs, this may be logistically difficult for you. 
  • You will need to be a licensed real estate agent in Texas. However if you are in the middle of getting your license and you’re cool, let’s talk. 
  • A car. Preferably a clean one you won’t be embarrassed to bring clients in. 

How to Apply

If you send me your resume you will be immediately disqualified.

Seriously. I hate resumes. That’s a rant for another time.

I also like people who read directions. So bonus points if you include the word “ramen” in your message to me.

Here’s what I want.

1) An essay describing who you are and why you would be a good fit.

2) Email me at with the subject line “Super Cool Apartment Locator”

3) Optional: Social Media profiles. This just helps give me a better idea who you are.


Contact Us!

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