The Taco Street Houston Neighborhood Guide to the Museum District

Intro to the Museum District Looking for a neighborhood in the know about Van Gogh? Is your middle name Culture Vulture? Does proximity to a huge public park get you excited? Welcome to Houston’s Museum District a.k.a. your new happy place.   Home to 19 museums within three square miles, the Museum District is one […]

The Taco Street Neighborhood Guide to the Heights, Houston

Intro to The Heights   For all that Houston is, it’s tough to find a part of town (inside the 610 loop) that truly feels like a ‘classic’ neighborhood. You know, somewhere where you know all the neighbors on your street, can walk around on uncracked sidewalks, and the true mark of any American neighborhood […]

The Taco Street Houston Neighborhood Guide to Midtown

Intro to Midtown “I just want to party all the time!” “Psh. Hangover shmangover.” “I miss college.” Do you find yourself saying these phrases often? Well, allow me to welcome you to your favorite new Houston neighborhood – Midtown. Located just southwest of downtown, Midtown Houston has been undergoing a revitalization over the last 15-ish […]

Another Epic Downtown Houston Neighborhood Guide

Intro to Downtown Houston The center of the city. The oil and gas HQ of the world. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. As we enter your guide to living in Downtown Houston, I’d like to welcome you to the third largest skyline in the entire nation. Yup, you read […]

The Taco Street Houston Upper Kirby & River Oaks Neighborhood Guide

Intro to Upper Kirby and River Oaks Please swipe your American Express in the CD-ROM drive before reading this article. But really, we’re about to get fancy.  Nestled between the sparkling Galleria area to the west and hipster paradise Montrose to the east, I’d like to be the first to welcome you to the neighborhood […]

The Taco Street Houston Galleria and Uptown Neighborhood Guide

Intro to The Galleria and Uptown. Do you enjoy the finer things in this world? Are you a chronic sufferer of FOMO? Is ‘extra AF’ your middle name? Well, you might as well move to Houston’s Galleria/Uptown area and start living your best life.  I know I kind of just summed it all up, but […]

The Taco Street Neighborhood Guide to Montrose – Houston.

Montrose. Where do I start?  Oh, I know — let’s begin by taking it back to early 2017. This neighborhood took my heart from the moment I moved to Houston. An eclectic street art culture hidden around almost every corner, folks in tie-dye and dressed like they walked out of a scene from ‘The Breakfast […]