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How We Work With You


Let's Talk!

The fun part.

We’ll hop on a call where we’ll chat about what you’re looking for in a new home. Your budget, desired location, lifestyle goals, move in date, and anything else important to you!



The super fun part.

We’ll custom create a fully comprehensive fancy research spreadsheet with all of our target apartments, prices, SQFT, and whatever else you’d like to know.

This will dramatically reduce the time you spend clicking through out-dated listings & touring incompatible apartments. We will condense all of your research in one place.


Apartment Tours!

Woah! Even funner than before!

Armed with your new fancy apartment research spreadsheet, you’ll have what you need to tour! We’ll team up in person or remotely to tour the apartment complexes together and become best friends. It will be awesome.



Less Fun, but very important!​

When we find an apartment you love, you’ll submit a simple application to the building. All you’ll have to do is list us as your referral. The apartment takes care of contributing to our funds of overpriced cocktails and breakfast tacos. That’s why we’re free for you to work with!


Fiesta (Optional)

Maybe too much fun.

You will host an epic fiesta in your cool new apartment. It will be attended by famous Instagramers with lots of followers, stars from that Netflix show you just binged, and foreign dignitaries from exotic countries. It will be awesome. Hopefully we will be invited.

Meet the Squad

Alex Concepcion

Chief Taco Enthusiast

I’m Alex Concepcion, Apartment Hunter Extraordinaire, Sommelier of Square Feet, Connoisseur of Condos, Lord of Leasing & (alleged) heir to the Seven Kingdoms.

I grew up in Miami, Florida in a wacky Cuban-American household. In 2015 I decided to trade in salsa music & beaches for breakfast tacos & brisket here in Austin where I now call home.

When I don’t have my apartment locating hat on, you can expect me traveling the world like some knock-off Anthony Bourdain, lifting weights at the Austin Bouldering Project, or stuffing my face at strange restaurants. My goal is to help you fall in love with Austin the way I have.

Renee Damron

Actually from Austin

Hi! I’m Renee Damron, a true native Austinite (yes, we exist!). I’ve lived all over the city and love all….well most of it! I’ve watched Austin evolve since the 80s. That’s a long time!

I’ve lived all over the place from Austin, Denver, and Bangkok, Thailand (yes, I’m Thai), but Austin has and will always be home.

I get homesick for tacos.

When I’m not working you can find me smashing my face with delicious craft ice cream and hanging out and with my senior dog Whitney. I would love to help you learn and explore the city through the eyes of a true local!


Frequently Admired Queso

Yes! Free like that HBO account your friend doesn’t know you still use when Game of Thrones is on. Apartment buildings pay us to bring people there. Working with us has absolutely no effect on your lease or the specials you get.

Mostly every apartment complex only has unfurnished units available. In some cases, they will have furnished apartments set aside as “corporate housing”, but those have jacked up rates. Usually it’s better to just rent furniture.

The shortest lease terms we can work with is 6 months. Shorter term leases usually have much higher prices than traditional leases (12 month+).

Yes! Our other superpower is being cool tour guides that know all the cool local stuff.

The Austin parts! So….all of it!

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