Taco STreet
Employee Relocation

Let's Grow Your Team!

Who we are.

We’re Taco Street Locating. We help people find new homes to rent. 

Think of us as taco-enthused personalized ambassadors to Austin, Dallas, and Houston. 

Who you are.

You are growing your team in your company. 

Many of your new employees are relocating to Texas. 

And they’re freaking out!

How can we help you?

We can help your new employees relocate. 

They’re probably super stressed. 

Their lives are about to turn upside down. Which neighborhood to choose? Which ones to avoid? What about a house or an apartment? How expensive are deposits? What about the doggo? Where are the good schools?   

It’s super overwhelming and crazy and stressful and exciting and oh-my-god-I’m-going-to-faint.   

We know, we’ve all relocated ourselves at one point. 

We eliminate that stress for both you and your employees.  

We help people find the ideal homes for their lifestyle and budget. We organize research, partner up on tours, show people around town, and provide excellent conversation. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people make the move, so we’re pretty good at it. We’d love to do the same for your new employees.  

How does the process work?

It’s simple! 

They’ll meet our city ambassador. 

They’ll chat about what they’re looking for. When they need to move. And most importantly, what kind of tacos they prefer. Whatever!

Our ambassador will compile extensive research reports and together they will narrow down options. 

Depending on the situation, they’ll meet in person to tour the apartments together and become best friends. Or our ambassador will tour the homes themselves send customized videos. In this case, becoming virtual best friends.

Either way, our new-best-friend-client will confidently sign a lease to their new home now that they’ve found the perfect place in the perfect neighborhood.

In due time they will begin working at your company. Charged by their love of their new home, they will make you tons of money and we’ll all be super happy. Celebrations will be had. 


How much does it cost?

We’re 100% free for you and your team members. Seriously!

How to reach out.

Simple! Click the appropriate city below to get started!



If you like to keep it weird, Austin is the place to be. This city offers funky hot spots and endless fun times.


The city for explorers ... whether it's adventures in gastronomy or astronomy that floats your oil rig, Houston is your place.


High style and good game. The field is covered. Dallas is a Southern fashion mecca offering NFL football and urban arts galore.


Frequently Admired Queso

Super free! Apartment buildings & management companies pay us a referral fee when our clients sign a lease. Making our service free to the client.  

We can totally work with pets! Most of our partner buildings have wonderfully simple pet policies for dogs and cats. 

6 month leases are generally the shortest available time frame we can work with, but sometimes there are exceptions!

Anywhere between 2 days and 2 months of your target move in date! The two month window is when  you will find the most options available. But let us know if you want to chat sooner!

We don’t do furniture moving, but we suggest googling/yelping to find the best options. 

Oh man, I wish there were more of these! But they’re really hard to find. Most are double/triple the normal rental rates. We suggest using a furniture rental company like Cort if you need furniture for a few months. 

Please reach out to me at alex@tacostreetlocating.com if you want to chat!