Best Modern Austin Apartments with Great Dog Parks

I hate seeing dogs subjected to the indignity of leashed “business-doing”. Not for any ethical reason of course. I fully acknowledge the necessity of leashes and order and all of that good stuff. I am a civilized gentleman in a civilized world. However, I gleem with joy when I see a pack of adorable puppers and doggos prancing and playing around unbound by some flattened rope. I love seeing dogs socialize, mingle, and gossip with other dogs within the confines of a mercifully leash-free park. 

Of course, apartment life can make that difficult for your furry friends. In most cases, your dog will be “business doing” on sad tiny patches of road-side grass, mulch, or some tree sticking out of a sidewalk. Doggo will not experience the pleasures of finding out what Molly down the hallway ate for lunch, or what Daisy said about Officer Puppers during the party last week. Doggo will not get to run around maniacally for that squirrel shaped toy and or tennis ball you keep throwing. Instead, Doggo will be a furry ball of unreleased energy. 


But! I’m here for you and Doggo. I’ve compiled a list of modern apartments that have been blessed with fantastic dog parks. These are the kind of leash-free dog parks where Doggo can blissfully engage in all of the aforementioned butt-sniffy type social activities. These parks are large, full of other dogs, and totally leash free. 

Windsor South Lamar

3.5 dogs

Windsor South Lamar’s dog park is absolutely massive. At 1.5 acres, I’m fairly certain it’s the largest apartment dog park in Austin. 

Eleven by Windsor

This dog park has terraces. Fancy

My building! Eleven has a wonderful dog park on the side of the building. It’s got a cool terrain too. It’s a multi-leveled park with trees, human benches, a long. 

7 East

7 East’s dog park is a long stretch of grass that extends further than what you see here. Lot’s of space!

Groves South Lamar

Groves South Lamar

Yes, this is the pool, but beyond the pool (where the pretty green Live Oak tree is, is a large closed off dog park filled with adorable fuzzy wuzzies. 


Teach your dog Bocce Ball!

Not pictured here, Tree’s dog park is in front of the building. Yes, there are many trees your dog can conduct dog-business with. 

South Shore District

South Shore District has a large open park in front of the building all the dogs gather to conduct shady business deals. 

Also! You’ve got the entirety of the RIverside trails where you can go for a very long lake-side run with Dr. Fluffenstein. 

Post South Lamar

Post South Lamar
Oh the doggos are in there alright

Post has a collection of closed off yards where Chewy can compliment Senor Barks-a-lot on his balanced diet of salmon and liver via butt-sniffing. 

Marq on Burnet & Yardbar


Marq on Burnet’s dog park itself isn’t much to go crazy about. However, just across the street is YardBar, a dog themed bar where Floofyface can watch her owner awkwardly flirt with Commander Stinky’s owner. 

Windsor Oak Hill


Windsor Oak Hill’s park is where Ghost (which I assume must be this dog’s name) can train for the Doggie Olympics in Tokyo 2020. 


Which tree to pee on?

Ethos not only has two dog parks, but also a 5 acre park attached to the community. So much room for activities!

Gallery Domain & IMT Domain

Where dogs discuss their day at work

Right outside the Gallery & IMT Domain is the Domain Central park, which is like Downtown for those without opposable thumbs. 

Walnut Park Apartments

The Beverly Hills for Dogs

Ok, Walnut Park is actually just a gigantic park. But seriously, who needs a dog park when you have this?

Coldwater & Zilker Park

All dogs go to Zilker

Technically Coldwater doesn’t have much of a dog park. However, it’s neighbor Zilker Park more than makes up for that. 

AMLI at Mueller, Sync Mueller, Mosaic Mueller

The farmer’s market is rad here too

These three Mueller apartments share the Mueller Lake Park, which is basically paradise for humans and dogs alike. 

Well there you have it! If you found this guide helpful, please reach out to us when you and Doctor Floofystein are looking for a new place to live in Austin!


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