Best Walkable Neighborhoods in Austin

Probably the most common request from my clients when moving to Austin is to live in a walkable neighborhood. Because of course, walking outside of your home to go to that local coffee shop or taco stand or dive bar is critical to a quality life. But then the reality of Austin (and basically everywhere […]

Downtown Austin Highrise Apartments With Great Views

Austin has plenty of views from the paddlers on the river to the artistic graffiti in all the crooks and crannies. But one of the best places to really enjoy an amazing view could be home. Downtown Austin highrise apartments aren’t just luxury but they offer some sweet views! Here’s a list of some of […]

Ultimate Southwest Austin Apartment Guide

I remember my first reaction when visiting Southwest Austin. I was totally shocked, and I had no idea this side of Austin existed. Tucked into the rolling hills of the Austin countryside is an incredibly wide selection of high-end modern apartments. Many have been built in the last decade, and easily compete with the best […]

The Ultimate Domain Apartment Guide

We’ve toured hundreds of apartments, and helped tons of people find places to live. We’ve seen a lot, and our clients tell us a lot. This is a totally different perspective that you’ll get from Google or Yelp.  But we do have our limitations. We haven’t lived at every apartment complex (because that would take […]

The Best Modern 1 Bedroom Apartments Under $1500 Near Downtown Austin

One of the most common requests from my clients is to find a modern 1 bedroom apartment reasonably close to downtown Austin for under $1500. I went ahead and ranked my favorite ones. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apartments in Austin, so please reach out if you need some […]

18 Things to know when moving from San Francisco to Austin

The horse has long been beaten dead on the Californians moving to Texas joke. Blah blah blah so expensive! And the taxes! Avocado toast!  Booooooring.  I’ll skip that part. I’ll get straight to the point.  Here’s what to expect  1) Austin is Cheaper No S#$& Alex! Everything is cheaper than the Bay Area.  2) Austin […]

How to find a roommate in Austin

One of the most common questions I get from clients is about finding roommates.  While this isn’t a roommate finding service, I have done it enough times myself to know how to do it well. So I’ll be sharing with you everything I know. A good roommate can totally change your experience of Austin. It unlocks […]

What to expect when applying to an apartment in Austin

Here are the basics of what to expect when applying to an apartment in Austin.  Application Apartment applications are very easy. Every apartment has an online portal where you can apply directly to the unit you want. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill out. The most annoying part of applications are application fees which are […]

How To Work With An Apartment Locator In Austin

Saltillo East Austin Apartment

So you’re thinking about hiring an apartment locator to help you move to Austin Texas! Great! Well, maybe great. Maybe not. Hiring the right locator can mean the difference in moving to a great apartment or a garbage one. It will have a huge impact on your quality of life here.  I’ll point out the […]