How to find a roommate in Austin

One of the most common questions I get from clients is about finding roommates. 

While this isn’t a roommate finding service, I have done it enough times myself to know how to do it well. So I’ll be sharing with you everything I know.

A good roommate can totally change your experience of Austin. It unlocks new neighborhoods, new buildings, and new relationships in a way nothing else can. 

I’ve been living in my ideal neighborhood (East Austin) in an amazing building with excellent people for years. I also pay less rent than virtually all of my friends who live on their own. 

I’ll show you my process of finding the right roommates in Austin. 

The Roommate Listing

First, we will build your advertisement. 

Typically, I have a room that needs to be filled. But this approach can be used if you want somebody to go in with you on a lease. 

My roommate postings include a few main ingredients. Basic Details, Transparency, & Filtration, 

Basic Details

  • Rent amount
    • I find it’s easier to have somebody pay me a flat all-bills-paid fee per month rather than split every bill that comes in. 
  • Space
    • Does it include furniture? If so, what is included?
    • What kind of bed?
    • It’s usually better to have a space that’s already furnished. It makes things way easier for people to move in with you. 
  • When is your space available?
  • Deposit: What deposit do you require?
  • Contract: Will you expect roommates to sign a contract?
  • Parking
  • Pet Policy


Obviously, the better pictures you have, the better you will be able to market your space. If your space looks shitty, you will attract shitty roommates. 

Neighborhood Description 

Assume some potential roommates may be moving into Austin. Talk about the neighborhood. Why would somebody like it? Why would somebody dislike it?

Lifestyle Transparency 

I’m totally transparent about who I am, and what it’s like living with me. There more thorough I am, the more likely I am to filter away people who do not match what I’m looking for. Make people understand what living with you will be like. Make it so the right person is like F-Yeah! and the bad one say F-no!

  • Age
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Daily routine
  • Rules & expectations
  • Personality
  • Social Life
  • Kitchen routine
  • Sleep times
  • Pets
  • Cleanliness expectations
  • Guest Policies

Next, complete the following sentences

You will like living with me if……

You will NOT like living with me if…….

The Big Caveat

If you want a good roommate, you need to be a good roommate. Lots of people have shitty roommate stories and experience. It’s always about how they are shitty roommates.  Don’t be a shitty roommate!


Now that you have a wonderfull roommate advertisement, you need to distribute it across various platforms so the right people see it.

Here are the few I use. Between all of these, you will be drowning in roommate options. 

Filtration Quiz 

You will likely go through a lot of applicants and inbound leads. To sort through this, create a Google Quiz to further filter out bad matches. 


Signing a contract will be the best way to secure your and your roommates interests in case of a dispute. You can use a contract template at sites like Rocket Lawyer . Others may work as well.

So that about covers it! This has been my process to find roommates over my years in Austin, and it’s never failed since. It’s saved me tens of thousands of dollars in rent, allowed me to live in my favorite neighborhood in Austin, and build awesome relationships with great roommates. 

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