Eleven by Windsor Apartment Review

Thinking about renting an apartment at the Eleven by Windsor in Austin? I wrote up this guide to help you out.  But first a little about me: I’m an apartment locator who has worked with hundreds of clients and apartment buildings throughout Austin. I mostly work with apartments in East Austin and Downtown Austin. This […]

Best Walkable Neighborhoods in Austin

Probably the most common request from my clients when moving to Austin is to live in a walkable neighborhood.  Because of course, walking outside of your home to go to that local coffee shop or taco stand or dive bar is critical for having a quality life.   But then the reality of Austin (and […]

Downtown Austin Highrise Apartments With Great Views

Austin, Texas has plenty to offer from the green parks, paddlers on Lady Bird Lake, to the artistic graffiti that’s painted in all nooks and crannies of the city. It’s always a fun day traveling around to see all the sites from the State Capitol to taking a stroll down the historic Rainey Street. But […]

Living in North Austin: A Neighborhood Guide

North Austin isn’t just suburbia – though it may seem that way at a glance if you’re coming from Central Austin or South Austin – it’s its own unique mix of new homes, apartments, renovations, and developments. It’s a beautiful melting pot of cultures tucked away in an auntie’s taco truck, a mother’s pho shop, […]

The Ultimate Austin Texas Domain Apartment Guide

We’ve toured hundreds of apartments, and helped tons of people find places to live. We’ve seen a lot, and our clients tell us a lot. This is a totally different perspective than one you’ll get from Google or Yelp.  But we do have our limitations. We haven’t lived at every apartment complex (because that would […]

Neighborhood Guide to Living in The Domain Austin

A Look At The Domain

The Domain is in a sense a downtown away from the hecticness and rampant traffic of the actual downtown of Austin. It boasts a lovely environment and an array of activities and comforts for almost everyone. This was once an up and coming idea that at first really took off as a mall. However, as […]

Best 1 Bedroom Apartments Near Downtown Austin Under $1500

One of the most common requests from my clients is to find a modern 1 bedroom apartment reasonably close to downtown Austin for under $1500. I went ahead and ranked my favorite ones. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apartments in Austin, so please reach out if you need […]

18 Things to Know When Moving from San Francisco to Austin

The horse has long been beaten dead on the Californians moving to Texas joke. Blah blah blah so expensive! And the taxes! Avocado toast!  Booooooring.  I’ll skip that part. I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s what to expect when moving from San Francisco to Austin! 1) Austin Is Cheaper No S#$& Alex! Everything is […]

How to find a roommate in Austin

One of the most common questions I get from clients is about finding roommates.  While this isn’t a roommate finding service, I have done it enough times myself to know how to do it well. So I’ll be sharing with you everything I know. A good roommate can totally change your experience of Austin. It unlocks […]

Applying For Apartments In Austin: The Process

So you’re looking at moving to Austin, or maybe you already live in this awesome city and are just looking for a new apartment to call home. Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found our site and this article. Taco street is an apartment locating business dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect home for their […]