Best 1 Bedroom Apartments Near Downtown Austin Under $1500

One of the most common requests from my clients is to find a modern 1 bedroom apartment reasonably close to downtown Austin for under $1500. I went ahead and ranked my favorite ones. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apartments in Austin, so please reach out if you need […]

18 Things to Know When Moving from San Francisco to Austin

The horse has long been beaten dead on the Californians moving to Texas joke. Blah blah blah so expensive! And the taxes! Avocado toast!  Booooooring.  I’ll skip that part. I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s what to expect when moving from San Francisco to Austin! 1) Austin Is Cheaper No S#$& Alex! Everything is […]

Austin Neighborhood and Apartment Guide for incoming UT McCombs MBA Students

I’ve helped a bunch of University of Texas’ MBA students find places to live in Austin. I figured I should go ahead and make the ultimate guide on it! Everything on this guide is based on my work with MBA students, the feedback I’ve received, my experience as a local, and work as an apartment […]

How to find a roommate in Austin

One of the most common questions I get from clients is about finding roommates.  While this isn’t a roommate finding service, I have done it enough times myself to know how to do it well. So I’ll be sharing with you everything I know. A good roommate can totally change your experience of Austin. It unlocks […]

Applying For Apartments In Austin: The Process

So you’re looking at moving to Austin, or maybe you already live in this awesome city and are just looking for a new apartment to call home. Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found our site and this article. Taco street is an apartment locating business dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect home for their […]

How To Work With An Apartment Locator In Austin

Saltillo East Austin Apartment

So you’re thinking about hiring an apartment locator to help you move to Austin, Texas! Great! Well, maybe great. Maybe not. Hiring the right locator can mean the difference in moving to a great apartment or a garbage one. It will have a huge impact on your quality of life here.  I’ll point out the […]

Top Modern Apartments in Austin with Great Dog Parks

I hate seeing dogs subjected to the indignity of leashed “business-doing”. Not for any ethical reason of course. I fully acknowledge the necessity of leashes and order and all of that good stuff. I am a civilized gentleman in a civilized world. However, I gleam with joy when I see a pack of adorable puppers […]

Best Central Austin Apartments: A Guide

Welcome! Here’s our guide on modern apartments in Central Austin. For this, I focused on modern apartment complexes built after 2005 North of UT Austin, and below 183 (just below the Domain). If you’re aiming for modern buildings in this area, this will summarize all of your options along with my thoughts.  We know apartment […]

Living In Central Austin: A Neighborhood Guide

central texas

Central Austin encompasses a few regions North of Downtown. I’m arbitrarily smushing a few of these mini areas together and calling it Central Austin for general convenience. These areas will include Hyde Park, North Loop, ACC – Highland, and the Triangle. By the end of this post, you’ll be a F*n expert on all of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Apartments in Mueller

Mueller is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin. It’s clean, modern, safe, and beautiful. The apartments here are fairly consistent. Most were built around the same time. They’ll have similar amenities, similar locations, and similar everything. I’ll go through the subtle differences between each one. Check out the Taco Street Neighborhood Guide to Mueller […]