Downtown Austin Highrise Apartments With Great Views

Austin has plenty of views from the paddlers on the river to the artistic graffiti in all the crooks and crannies. But one of the best places to really enjoy an amazing view could be home. Downtown Austin highrise apartments aren’t just luxury but they offer some sweet views!

Here’s a list of some of my favorites.


The Bowie highrise apartment roof top pool revealing a beautiful aerial view of Austin.
Roof Top Pool? Yes please!

The Bowie is probably my favorite building in Downtown Austin. It has the most unique style out of all it’s high-end luxury competitors. It radiates this unique rockstar vibe (probably because it’s named Bowie). Many of the units have giant floor to ceiling windows with awesome views of West Austin and the Hill Country. The best part? All the major amenities are on the top floors. The pool alone has a ridiculous view of South and West Austin. 


The Northshore highrise apartment's pool with a view of the river in Austin Texas.
Water next to water!

Northshore is on a different level in terms of luxury. I’ve never seen anything like it from the amenities to interior finishes. The pool, while not on top of the world like Bowie’s, is perched right along the river giving you an intimate grounded connection to Austin’s coolest stuff. You’ll have to make sure the apartment you’re in faces the right direction otherwise you’ll be face deep in the neighboring buildings

Gables Park Tower

A look at the Gable Park Tower in Austin Texas with its park and river view.
By the trees and by the river!

Gables Park Tower is a stunning building. While the amenities only give you an eye-level view of the exterior, many of the apartments themselves have wide-ranging views of South and West Austin. The balconies give you ample space to enjoy them. But beware! The freight train comes by multiple times a day, creating a loud shrieking noise, spoiling everything for a few minutes while it passes by. It’s hard to ignore this when living there. 

AMLI on Second

Amli on second highrise apartment with it's busy traffic life around it.
Amli in the bustle of the city

AMLI on Second has some great south-Austin facing views with nice big balconies. The amenities are tucked inside of the building, which won’t give you much view-access of the city, however. Your sweet-view options here would be limited. 

Monarch by Windsor

The Monarch by Windsor highrise apartment with its massive balcony offering up a beautiful view of Austin Texas.
2nd living room? Basically

My favorite feature of Monarch is their massive balconies. They almost double as outdoor living rooms. While their west-facing views are blocked by the neighboring Bowie, the other views give you awesome access to the heart of Downtown Austin. 

Skyhouse & Windsor on the Lake

Skyhouse and Windsor on the Lake apartments are really close to the cultural Rainey Street in Austin Texas.
Right next to bustling Rainey Street!

These two buildings right next to each other have some of the best views of the river and Downtown Austin, while you have to go on higher floors to benefit, the access can be amazing. Windsor’s South and West facing units may be some of the best in the entire city. Skyhouse’s rooftop amenity deck is amazing too for its intimate views of Rainey Street and Downtown. 


The Catherine highrise apartments offering a different view of Austin from south of the river.
South of the river is cool too!

The Catherine is not technically in Downtown. Given how big and nice of a building it is, I technically don’t care. I’m putting it on here anyway! Being on the other side of the river from Downtown gives the Catherine the most unique view of Austin’s skyline out of any building in Austin. Their sky lounge itself is worth the price of admission itself.

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