The Ultimate Guide to Apartments in Mueller

Mueller is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin. It’s clean, modern, safe, and beautiful. The apartments here are fairly consistent. Most were built around the same time. They’ll have similar amenities, similar locations, and similar everything. I’ll go through the subtle differences between each one. Check out the Taco Street Neighborhood Guide to Mueller for more information on living in the neighborhood. Hopefully by the end of this guide, you’ll be all like “Man! This guide was F*N rad! I know everything about Mueller apartments now!” And then you’ll totally hit us up to help you find your next spot. Horray!

Cost of Rent in Mueller

  • Studios: $1300+
  • 1 Bedrooms: $1400+
  • 2 Bedrooms: $1900+
  • 3 Bedrooms: $2500+

AMLI Mueller

AMLI Mueller Apartments


  • Great location in the center of Mueller
  • Closer to all of Mueller’s shops and restaurants than any other apartments in the area. 
  • Usually has decent pricing


  • One side of the building will be louder since it’s close to the nearby road. 
  • Thin walls make it easy to hear neighbors
  • Like most AMLI properties, design isn’t much to be excited about. 

Overall Thoughts

AMLI Mueller is one of the best located properties in Mueller. It’s in the heart of everything here. You can easily walk to so many things. However, proximity means noise will be more of a problem compared to other buildings in Mueller. 

Mosaic Mueller

Mosaic Mueller Apartments


  • Great location
  • Well designed interiors 
  • Very nice amenities
  • Actually has 3 bedroom options


  • You’re forced to buy into the $75 cable package because of a stupid deal made when the building was constructed. 
  • Management seems to be an issue (worth reading the reviews)
  • Garage problems

Overall Thoughts

Mosaic is a great building in the heart of Mueller. The amenities are what you would expect in a modern apartment complex, which is good. Their main problem seems to be the management company. The most annoying thing is being forced into the $75 per month cable package that you can’t opt out of. 

Sync Mueller

Sync Mueller Apartments


  • Location
  • Has some 3 bedrooms floor plans
  • Amenity quality


  • Can’t really think of any!
  • Overall Thoughts

Sync is one of the best options in Mueller. It’s everything you’d expect in a modern apartment complex. Not more, not less. Chances are, you’ll come here at the same time as Mosaic next door. Management seems to be higher quality here. 

AMLI Aldrich

AMLI Aldrich Austin


  • The newest apartment building in Mueller
  • It’s relatively isolated location means it’s quieter than the other Mueller apartments
  • Beautiful amenities 


  • Priced very high
  • Strict pool guest policy where they make you wear a yellow bracelet. Seems a bit ridiculous for a building in Mueller. 
  • It’s the farthest away from the heart of Mueller compared to the others (which still isn’t very far)

Overall Thoughts

AMLI Aldrich is a beautiful building. You can’t ignore it if you’re looking to live In Mueller. However, it’s priced very high compared to the competition, and is a little further away from the center of Mueller. 

Two Outliers: Aldrich 51 & Overture Mueller

These are two other apartments in Mueller. Aldrich 51 is an affordable housing complex which means you can only live here if you meet certain income requirements. Typically there is a long waitlist for buildings like this. Overture Mueller (like all Overture properties) are 55+ senior living homes. Super nice though!


Well there you have it folks. You’re now a super expert on apartments in Mueller. Chances are, if you’re into Mueller, you might also be into East Austin. , Hyde Park, and the Domain.

If you found this guide useful, and are looking for a place to live, please reach out to us! We love helping people find new homes. And we’re 100% free to work with.

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