The Taco Street Guide To North Austin Dives and Bars

Austin has its fair share of dives and bars. In fact, Hole In The Wall is one of the most famous ones. But not all the fun is downtown or hiding away on the East Side. There’s a fair share of fun and drinks to be had tucked away in North Austin.

Here’s some of my favorites.

Bars and Breweries

Since we’re talking about dives, of course, we’re talking about fun hangout spots to get a drink with friends or a new spot to impress a date. We have you covered.

Texas Sake Co.

This brewery is really unique. It takes you out of Austin’s amazing beer culture and drops you into something different. And different has never tasted so amazing. Sake isn’t actually often drank warm, and Texas Sake shows you that with their deliciously cold beverages. They have a variety of sakes and cocktails to turn even a novice into a sake lover.

This unassuming bar at the back of a warehouse has Cornhole, Jenga, and even a brewery tour to show you the magic of how this unappreciated drink is made.

Vigilante Gastropub & Games

If you’re a board game lover, a Mario kart fanatic, or a DnD crazed lunatic, then Vigilante is the bar for you. Located on a tiny strip of stores, this bar has plenty of rentable board games, card games, and video games to really break the ice with friends or just outright break those newfound friendships.

Along with their games, this bar offers up some really good grub and pints. Although the portion size is small, the flavor by far is not lacking. And since we were just talking about sake, Vigilante offers some lovely infused sakes too!

And if you happen to have a really large gather of say DnD friends, then rent one of their two rooms located behind a bookcase!


I really can’t praise this lovely establishment more. It’s a local hangout spot for me and my friends. If you’re a lover of K-pop or just soju, then this is the bar for you. Just be ready for it to get a bit wild.

Seoulju stocks some hard to find flavors of your favorite sojus. They also have some great cocktails and a few drafts to be had. But that’s not all, they literally have the best fried chicken in Austin.

Oskar Blues Brewery

Family-friendly, largely indoors, great pints, and live music – Oskar Blues offers all of these in one of the inconspicuous locations.

This large tap-room offers a big selection of beers, ales, stouts, and even barley wine to start off your night. But the bar isn’t the only attraction here, they have a fully built stage that’s indoors! They showcase some amazing artists on a regular basis, and it’s definitely one of my favorite spots to hang out, dance, and just enjoy life one pint at a time.

And if you’re looking for a bite with your pint, Wunder Pig Barbecue is right on the patio to satiate those salivating taste buds.

Karaoke Without Bar Prices

If singing in front of a room of strangers isn’t your cup of tea, but you still love singing, then do I have the places for you! Welcome to closed room karaoke, where it’s just you, your friends, and all the drinks you can drink – BYOB style.


This is by far my favorite place to sing my heart out. If you’re unfamiliar with closed room karaoke, it’s a closed room with karaoke equipment, lights, and a big TV for you to sing without feeling shamed by strangers.

Hi-Tunes offers a range of room sizes from small to large. Either bring a few close friends, so your screeching doesn’t scare anyone off. Or bring a large group of up to 24 people for something like a company event. Just be ready to sing and have a rambunctious time!

They don’t have a bar, but it’s all BYOB including spirits. So be careful – there’s a bell curve to drinking and singing ability.

Austin Karaoke

This is my second choice for karaoke, if Hi-tunes is all booked up. They offer the same services. However, they are slightly more expensive.

One thing that some people enjoy is that Austin Karaoke’s staff will check up on you every now and then.

It’s also BYOB, so save your money buying those expensive bar drinks. Instead, mix up your own favorite concoctions.


North Austin isn’t without its fun hangout spots and waterholes -you just have to look for them. There’s plenty of breweries tucked away on warehouse streets and dives even more hidden from the public eye.

Not all the fun is downtown! Go out and explore!


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