Top Medium-Priced Modern South Austin Apartments 2018

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In this guide I will be covering modern apartment buildings (built within the last 10 years) in South Austin (78704) that are in the medium price range. So not super swanky luxury, nor cheap old-renovated building. These are my favorite the Goldilocks style “juuuuuuuusssst right” type of buildings that give you everything you would want in a nice modern building, but won’t leave your breakfast taco budget empty. If you’re all like, f-that Alex, I want something more affordable. Well I got you covered in this guide here Top Affordable South Austin Apartments

Studios $1100 – $1400

1 Bedrooms $1100 – $1600

2 Bedrooms $1800 – $2200

3 Bedrooms $2400+

Lamar Union

Lamar Union in South Austin

Lamar Union is absurdly cool., and almost always my first stop. I don’t know what combination of illicit creativity enhancing substances were involved in the creation and building of this place, but I’m sure many were involved. It’s pool is fantastic, the amenities are great. There’s plenty of spacious meeting areas, and its right next to Alamo Drafthouse, the coolest theatre ever. There’s a great collection of small bars/restaurants nearby. Lick Ice Cream just out the door is a really delicious way to put on some weight (unless you go for that coconut milk ice cream of course)


  • Easily the coolest mid-rise apartment building in Austin.
  • Alamo Drafthouse N Chill Anyone?
  • So many bars & restaurants! (Like Ramen Tatsuya most importantly)
  • Nest Thermostats in units.
  • Very close to downtown


  • Prices change like crazy here. I’ve seen 1 bedrooms as low as $1250, and as high as $1900.
  • Dog park has fake grass with gets stinky.

Post South Lamar

Post South Lamar is a strong competitor on this list. I’ve got a few friends and clients that live here. It’s brand new second building phase (brilliantly called Phase 2) is very well done. It’s tucked nicely into the action of South Lamar, but close enough to downtown that you won’t drive yourself crazy. The first phase of the building does look a tad aged given the local competition, but it’s not a big deal.


  • Often has nice juicy specials like 1 month free
  • Pretty good dog-space.
  • Some ground floor units have outdoor access
  • Brand new phase just built, so it’s all nice and shiney.
  • Solid collection of food & drink spots around.
  • Google Fiber!
  • Sometimes has the best pricing out of anything on this list.
  • Pretty good pool area
  • Very close to Downtown
  • Cool downstairs retail spots, like Barlata (cool fancy Spanish restaurant)


  • Often suffers from “not as cool as Lamar Union” syndrome. If similarly priced, I would go for LU.
  • There is a dog park, but there’s not much space.

Gibson Flats

Gibson Flats in South Austin

Gibson Flats is the main competition to Lamar Union and Post South Lamar. It’s also the smallest community in this list. It’s a great building overall, but the nearby competition makes this often the 3rd best in the area. However, they do have great floor plans, a nice relaxed atmosphere, and a well done work-space. If you’re looking for something more calm and quaint, but still with a great location, this would be the way to go.


  • Smaller & more quiet community
  • Nice shaded pool area with a big tree.
  • Right next to Odd Duck (cool fancy restaurant with lots of ball jars)
  • Often offers nice specials like free weeks & gift cards.
  • Some very nice floor plans
  • Google Fiber!
  • Sometimes prices can drop to very reasonable levels.


  • Also suffers from “similar price and not as cool as Lamar Union” syndrome.
  • Not much to do on the rooftop deck.


Tree Apartments in South Austin

Tree is often my pick for people in South Austin. For many people not too familiar with South Austin, they may be afraid to venture a little further out from the city center. However, given that Austin isn’t that big to begin with, the extra distance isn’t a critical flaw. It’s naturey-yet-tree filled ambiance makes it one of the nicest buildings in Austin. If you can get a good rate on it, it’s definitely worth picking up.


  • Absolutely beautiful building and area
  • Close to the highway
  • Really good restaurant downstairs
  • Lots of guest parking upstairs in the garage
  • Solid floor plans
  • I would pick this over Bell South Lamar & The 704, it’s two main competitors.
  • Awesome pool area
  • Big gym
  • Some units have very high ceilings


  • A bit far south
  • While there’s some stuff to walk to, you’ll be driving most places.

Bell South Lamar

Bell South Lamar South Austin Apartments

Bell South Lamar is one of the top contenders in South Austin. It’s got a good balance for location, amenities, modernity, and floor plans that actually make sense. It’s large dog park make it a very good option for pet owners who want their dog to sniff all the butts they want off the leash. All that being said, there are other buildings in the area (Like Tree) that provide some stiff competition.


  • Convenient South Lamar location
  • Nice pool area (that was modeled after Barton Springs)
  • Very well priced multi-story Townhouses available
  • Big dog park
  • Some units have outdoor access
  • Sometimes the prices here are very good.
  • Nice functional floor plans.


  • A bit far south
  • While nice overall, I tend to lean towards Tree

The 704

The 704 Apartments in South Austin

The 704 is the two-stepping cousin of Bell South Lamar. It has a more authentic cowboy-Austin feel given that it’s right next to the allegedly legendary Broken Spoke. Like everything else on this list, it’s got that “I’ve got my s&%$ together modern apartment” feel. It’s South Lamar Location gives it good access to a lot of bars & restaurants, and easy access to downtown. Plus, there’s some great eating to do downstairs if you dream of having “that bar where everyone knows you” thing going on.


  • Nice South Lamar location
  • Generally nice modern amenities, finish outs, and everything you’d expect in these modern places
  • Firepit on the rooftop terraces (which is cool because apparently Austin becomes a frozen tundra in winter)
  • Spin & Yoga studio
  • Lots of stuff to walk to on South Lamar
  • Easy access to downtown.
  • Get your two-stepping game on at Broken Spoke, if you’re into that kind of thing.


  • Nothing in particular separates this place from the other options on this list.
  • I still kinda like Tree better.

Davis at SoCo

The Davis SoCo Apartments on South Congress

The Davis has gone through the biggest frog-to-price makeover out of all the properties on this list. From the exterior, it’s got an outdated brick look which betrays it’s newfound inner swankiness. For a while, it’s age was it’s greatest weakness. However, after substantial renovations, it’s become one of the nicest buildings in South Austin.


  • Massive floor plans
  • Kitchen islands so large you might as well put a bed on it and call it an AirBnB.
  • Close to the expressway to take you all around town.
  • Some loft floor plans
  • Nice leash free dog park
  • Nice pool area
  • On the ever-popular South Congress


  • The units are often overpriced
  • I’m a bigger fan of South 1st and South Lamar compared to South Congress, but that’s just me.
  • While there is a lot of stuff to walk to, some of the others on this list (Like Post and Lamar Union) have better overall stuff in walking distance.
  • Far down south

Groves South Lamar

Groves South Lamar Apartments in South Austin

Groves South Lamar is the cool new kid who transferred to your school, and now he’s head of the football team, prom king, and somehow captain of the chess team. Only problem is, he lives a tad far away. Anyways, this is the newest building in South Austin. As you can imagine, it’s newness is matched by it’s swankiness. As for the building, it feels almost like a direct copy of Tree and Gibson flats. As far as amenities, it has basically all the same good stuff you’d expect as everything else on this list. The downside is that it’s quite far down South Lamar, and their brand-newy-ness has also emboldened their aggressive pricing. While beautiful and new, you may often find better value elsewhere.


  • Brand fracking new!
  • Awesome floorplans
  • Beautiful pool area
  • Nice big dog park
  • Nest Thermostats in rooms
  • Lots of awesome grocery stores nearby (Central Market/Sprouts/Wheatsville)
  • Easy Greenbelt access across the street.
  • Easy Highway access


  • Far down South Austin
  • Sometimes overpriced.
  • With the level of competition, the price and location means that there will likely be better valued places like Tree.
  • While beautiful, nothing makes it totally stand out. It kinda blends in with the other buildings on this list.

**** Sleeper Pick Alert! ****


Sur512 Apartments South Austin

Sur512 is usually not on most people’s radar when looking in South Austin, because it the farthest south of anything on this list, past Ben White. However, despite it’s ultra-southness, It’s one of the best buildings in the area. They’ve got fat juicy floor plans with balconies, great pool areas, and that nice modern swanky feeling. One of the best options if you don’t mind being a little further south.


  • It’s far-southiness also makes it one of the cheaper options on this list.
  • No dog breed restrictions
  • Washer/dryer in unit


  • Roscoe properties, the new management company, doesn’t have the best reputation.
  • Quite far South!
  • Carpet in bedrooms

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