The Best Modern 1 Bedroom Apartments Under $1500 Near Downtown Austin

One of the most common requests from my clients is to find a modern 1 bedroom apartment reasonably close to downtown Austin for under $1500. I went ahead and ranked my favorite ones. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apartments in Austin, so please reach out if you need some more help! We’re 100% free to work with.

Southeast Austin


Edison opened in 2019 and has quickly become a hit. It’s one of the best designed properties in Southeast Austin. The pool overlooks downtown, the gym is beautiful, and the floor plans are as modern as they come. 

Aura Riverside

Like Edison, Aura RIverside opened up in mid 2019. This brand new property is further along Southeast Austin than most people are familiar with, but I think it’s going to be one of the best value’d properties in Austin given how close it is to Downtown. 

South Austin (78704)


While Tree is on the southern tip of South Austin, it’s one of my favorites. It has a unique style flanked by trees and nature (hence the name). It’s location on South First places is very close to my favorite eating street in Austin, South First. It’s often overlooked by people looking to be closer to Downtown, but it’s easily one of my favorite places to bring clients. 

Post South Lamar

Post South Lamar is the best valued apartment in this South Lamar corridor. It’s flanked by some very luxury (and more expensive) apartments that ensure Post isn’t the nicest one in the area. But it’s a good modern building only 5-10 minutes away from Downtown, and even closer to the wonderful South Austin goodies like Zilker and Barton Springs. 

East Austin


Most people looking in East Austin overlook Platform since due to it’s off-center location. However, I think it’s one of the best options in town. Their pools are some of the best in the city, and it’s a quick drive to Downtown via MLK. Nearby Manor road is flooded with amazing food too. 

Eastside Station

I’ll cheat a tad bit here. While their 1 bedrooms are usually higher than $1500, their studios are more like mini 1 bedrooms, and often fall near $1500. It’s central East Austin location makes it an amazing place to call home. Some of my happiest clients live here. 

North Central Austin

Elan Parkside

Elan Parkside is the farthest property from Downtown on this list, but it’s one of my favorites in the entire city. They have amazing amenities, great prices, great floor plans, and the area is booming with awesome food and restaurants. 

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