Neighborhood Guide to Living in The Domain Austin

The Domain is in a sense a downtown away from the hecticness and rampant traffic of the actual downtown of Austin. It boasts a lovely environment and an array of activities and comforts for almost everyone.

This was once an up and coming idea that at first really took off as a mall. However, as time went on businesses, apartments, studios, and bars alike sprung up to make The Domain the neighborhood it is today.

How To Get Around In The Domain

The Domain is essentially a self-contained city in Austin that prides itself on providing and catering to the transportation needs of the growing population. If you’re hoping to live in The Domain expect well-paved side-walks, accessibility ramps, and even a daily shuttle service.

That being said you better buckle in for a lot of walking . The Domain is intent on being green and lowering its carbon footprint. So, the entirety of The Domain is interconnected with sidewalks that really make traveling anywhere inside of it a breeze. It’s one of the biggest upsides of living there. You can get in your steps, your cardio, and your sightseeing as you go about your day to day.

If you really need to hop in the car though, there is ample parking at five color-coded parking garages and some street parking scattered about. But the need to drive isn’t so bad, since anything you need might be a block or two away –just enjoy the stroll.

But if you can’t find what you need in The Domain then all the North Austin attractions such as yummy eateries and bars are just a short drive away!

The Cost of Rent

The Domain isn’t the most expensive area in Austin. However, it’s definitely pricier than the surrounding North Austin Area. This is due to the convenience of living there and the businesses and attractions that have been established there. In sense, it’s a very fun micro-city to live in.

  • Studios: $1,200+
  • 1 Bedrooms: $1,300+
  • 2 Bedrooms: $1,600+
  • 3 Bedrooms: $2,000+

The Domain Lifestyle

To be honest the lifestyle rewards youth. The Domain attracts many young professionals with a physically active, outgoing, and adventurous lifestyle. That being said being older doesn’t disclude you from the fun that’s offered.

The self-contained city aspect is very appealing, and you can get almost everything you need in a few blocks – grocery stores, fitness classes, boutiques, bars, restaurants, and maybe even your job. You can go to work, eat out, go to a happy hour, and then walk home all the area of a few blocks! Talk about convenient!

Things To Do And Experience

Here are some of my favorite spots that I personally enjoy and love at the Domain.

Self-care Spots

  • Massage Sway – A one of a kind experience that will take your worries away. Spa and or massage days are my much needed guilty pleasure, and Massage Sway knows how to do it right. They offer a variety of massages ranging from relaxing to that painful bliss of deep tissue.
  • Viva Day Spa – This spa is located on The Northside and offers plenty of services past massages such as facials, nail care, and waxing. They’re a great place for yourself or couples.

Fitness Studios

  • Pure Pilates Austin – If you’ve never tried pilates it’s worth a shot. It’s drastically different than your normal gym, and all the exercises are designed to be low impact through the use of the “mega former” table. So, if you’re suffering from an injury or have bad knees give it a shot! No really, you’ll be surprised how hard it is for sliding around on a “table”.
  • CorePower Yoga – A solid yoga studio that offers a range of classes. Just be careful about selecting your classes, because some of the classes are Hot Yoga. So, if sweating through your clothes isn’t for you – don’t do it.
The Domain Central Park Rules Sign
The Domain Park Rules

Domain Central Park

  • The Domain isn’t just an urban landscape. They included a lovely dog-friendly park that’s spacious and inviting. You’ll find a local dog meetup and doggie friends to pet and play with. And if that’s not your jam, there are also beach volleyball courts that attract a local gathering. It’s a great place to make friends and socialize – either yourself or your dog.

Bars and Clubs

  • Rock Rose – Most of the bars in The Domain are found on this street. There’s a range from Irish pubs, Speed bars, Cocktails bars, and Themed Bars – there’s something for everyone. You’ll get different vibes throughout the day from either after-work happy hours to late-night drinking so pick your poison. Thankfully, if you live here, you can simply and safely walk home.
  • The Rose Room – One of the few “clubs” in North Austin. It’s what’d you expect from a club – dimly light, bumping music, and plenty of people to meet. But, remember don’t be a creep and just dance to your heart’s content!

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Convenient lifestyle- There is just about everything you need in a close radius that is either a short drive away or in a walkable distance. In fact, I barely drove at all, while I lived here. It was a nice change from constantly sitting in Austin traffic.
  • Tech Jobs – There is a huge amount of tech companies located in and around The Domain that make living here even more convenient. Take that commute time and just throw it away!
  • Food and more Food! – There are plenty of restaurants to become a regular at. My favorites are Jinya for a lovely ramen bite, Velvet Taco for a Thai twist on the normal taco, and Toulouse for a nice French dinner.


  • Noise – Ultimately this area brings shoppers, commuters, and late-night partiers, so the noise level can be a bit much if you are located near an attraction.
  • Pricey – For being in North Austin, the rent is a noticeable amount higher than the surrounding area.


If you enjoy walking, being social, and can afford it, then I’d give moving to The Domain a shot. It’s a beautiful area with plenty of things to keep you busy and happy. You’ll be blessed to not have to fight the Austin traffic, and even more lucky if you work in The Domain too. Ultimately, it’s a great neighborhood and has established itself as one of the hottest spots to live in, work, and play.

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